Bitcoin Keno—Next Level Online Gaming

Keno is one of online casino gaming’s cornerstone and has been popular since the late 90’s. Cryptocurrency betting on keno pledges to deliver a series of new advantages along with the classic experiences the wagering activity is known for.

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery type game usually played using numbered plastic balls and a tube. Players are provided a pool of cards to choose from, which contains eighty numbers each. Depending on the game provider, players can be asked to select anywhere between ten and fifty digits. Once they have selected a set of numbers, the game commences. The balls are pushed out through the tube randomly, and if the numbers on the balls correspond with the numbers chosen by the player, they win a certain amount. Prizes are determined by the operator and on how many matches players get.

Bitcoin Keno

Bitcoin keno is similar to this in that player are still provided a collection of numbers to choose from. Once players click the numbers they wish to add to their list, they can place a wager using their bitcoins. Random numbers are picked or the game with the help of an RNG (Random Number Generator). Once players get the numbers drawn, bitcoins are automatically added to their bankrolls and they may withdraw these whenever they want.

Just like traditional online keno, Bitcoin-powered keno games offer different payouts depending on the amount of numbers players get. Some may give a payout if a minimum of four numbers is matched while others may hand out prizes with just two.

Trouble-Free Online Keno

Ultimately, Bitcoin payments provides keno enthusiasts a practical and efficient way to enjoy the much-loved wagering activity. The digital currency made it possible to conduct anonymous, cheap, quick, and of course, legal online wagering. Thanks to online casino reviews provided by websites like, everyone is welcome to indulge in the beauty of keno from the comfort of their homes, without the usual frills of online gambling.

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