Whether you are playing in a Bitcoin casino, a Bitcoin poker room, a Bitcoin sportsbook, or on any other Bitcoin gambling platform, there is one point you should absolutely bear in mind: hitting the winning Bitcoin number is not a guarantee, but there are ways to increase your chances of doing so.

Of course, the primary way to win rewards is to ensure that you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of the Bitcoin games you play. For instance, it is a necessity to master the rules of roulette, slots, or even baccarat if you wish to collect large payouts in a Bitcoin casino. Therefore, knowing the rules, the winning strategies, and even the betting systems by heart will help you inch closer to the golden pot of bitcoins that await you.

While learning the basics is already a given, the online gambling community must definitely put to action whatever they learn from their peers or online guides. This means having an actual experience of betting bitcoins. The best example is playing poker with Bitcoin. With numerous winning poker hands, the tendency of bettors is to memorize them. To further concretize their knowledge of the game, being able to apply whatever they learned and yielding positive results will determine their potential to win several rounds in a poker room.

Moreover, catching the Bitcoin number that unlocks heaps of rewards will be relatively manageable once you have gained enough confidence, knowledge, and skills. However, even with these traits already up your sleeves, catching winnings may be elusive if the Bitcoin games you play are rigged.

Making sure that the Bitcoin gambling platform is free from malicious software is also imperative. Therefore, checking the reputation and credibility of the brand, together with the verification of the reliability of the games is essential. This is when provably fair gaming comes into the picture.

Provably fair games will certainly be instrumental in scoring the winning Bitcoin number without problem at all. With no chances of getting cheated, you are bound to receive the payouts that are rightfully yours.

For a rewarding time betting bitcoins online, keep in mind to master the basics, to practice the games, and to select the best Bitcoin casinos and provably fair games to hit at least one winning number for every session!

Play and Receive More Than 50,000 Coins Now!

Themed slots are far more exciting than plain slots machines. The idea is the same in matching symbols to win. It just makes the game experience more fun. People now have the choice to pick slots with theme out of the so many available in casinos. Choosing the game to play is hard but every game is generous to give away great prizes by matching the symbols.

Win More in Slots

Slots are easy. Press a button and win. This game relies entirely on luck, in other words, it is one of those game of chances. It could turn ordinary people into instant millionaire. Players could be sure that game results are fair because random number generators determine the symbols that would appear in every spin.

Wizard of Oz Slots

This video slots game uses five reels and has thirty possible pay lines. It uses famous symbols and characters from Wizard of Oz. Players could start winning prizes by matching at least three symbols in the reels. The game theme is classic but it features great graphics and sounds. Winning 50,000 coins is possible with just one spin.

Game Bonuses

A player could get more than just 50,000 coins in one spin. The Glinda the Good Witch symbol appears on the reels every now and then. Her symbol replaces random blocks into Wild Symbol. It helps players in multiplying their total rewards. Oz Pick Bonus would lead players into three different stages where they could receive rewards multiplier. Play Wizard of Oz Slots has more about the bonus rounds.

Online with Bitcoin

It is possible for players from different parts of the world to access the game. The Wizard of Oz slots in online casino places can be played with the help of bitcoin currency. Online casinos can be reached with decent internet connection.

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Play with Shiny Stones and Win Great Prizes

Casinos are an amazing place where to play and get rewards. There is a wide selection of games that gives people a hard time on deciding. Playing slots is fun and easy. It does not require any strategies. Pressing a button or pulling a lever is all it needs in order for players to receive amazing prizes. The gameplay is not long. Random number generators determine the spin results.

Starburst Slots

The Starburst slots game is unique in a way that players could win rewards in both left to right and vice versa direction. It uses shiny stones as game symbols. The game never comes up short in giving great rewards. The wild stone comes out every once in a while and gives more rewards. It is a 3-row, 5-column slots game with 10 pay lines.

Play Starburst Slots has more of the game basics. It has everything people must know about the game symbols and built-in bonuses. It also has a list of reliable casino sites where to access the game and gives away generous bonuses.

Beat the Game

There are no secrets to win in the slots. Game results are different with every spin. The best way to beat the game is to play smart. Players do not need to place the maximum bets. They could play with the minimum to above minimum bets and still receive great prizes.

Play with Bitcoins

Modern casino games, including slots now accept bitcoin payments. Everything is transferred at once with this currency. It is very popular on online businesses. For online gambling, it is the perfect currency. People remain unknown to the rest of the world as they win prizes while enjoying their favorite casino game. The provably fair technology also makes sure that game results are fair and reliable all the time.

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The Process of Mining Litecoins is Easy with Special Software

The cryptocurrency values change overtime. People would want to buy them low and buy so much with it. That is ideal especially when they want to acquire services with restrictions. The exact value could drastically run from high to low depending on the demand. If there are services accepting a specific online currency, then its value could change in an instant. There are free online calculator services that determine the exact value. CoinChoose has an up to date value of these currencies.

Types of Online Currencies

Bitcoin is a very popular name. It is used as payment for many types of goods and services that is found online. The transfer of funds is fast. There are no third parties involved. The users are in control. Other cryptocurrencies are used by people but not very popular. They are all used just about the same. These are used in many online businesses. Charitable institutions sometimes accept online currencies.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can purchase many things. Acquiring them could sometimes be easy or be very hard. If one wishes to find them, he would find a way to do so. Its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, mined the very first fifty bitcoins. The process back then was very easy. In time, as the demand for this currency, it made it difficult to acquire. Special computer software and hardware were invented for mining it. These are specific software. Bitcoin mining software and hardware are for bitcoins, litecoin mining software and hardware are for acquiring litecoins. The processes are time consuming and require patience.

Get Them for FREE

Buying them is very easy. People could pay in cash and then receive it in an instant. This is an amazing business but why not get it free. Getting them is as easy as going online. There are faucet sites that give cryptocurrencies for completing tasks. Some requires a little bit of brains in answering questions and other just follow a specific time interval.

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Get Bigger Prizes in Twin Spin Slots!

Slot machine games come in variations but with the same idea, to match the symbols and win. It was at first decided by pulling a lever back in the days. Today, random number generator determines the results of many casino games including online slots. Nothing beats slots as it provides easy big win with just the minimal or small bets. These slots now have many visually attractive features that keep players coming back for more. Another type of slots is progressive slots. The jackpot gets bigger with every play. Only one player can win it all by himself.

Twin Spin Slots

There are 243-possible ways of winning in Twin Spin slot casino game. The easy to recognize casino symbols used in the game are the numbers 7, 9, 10, letters J, Q, K and A. Some of the other symbols used are a cherry, a bell, a diamond, “Bar” and “Wild”.  It has Auto Play and Skills Stop feature that would speed up the gameplay as players enjoy more of the game. Play Twin Spin Slots has more of the game rules, basics and strategies.

Twin Reels

Twin Spin Slots is a game that offers big chances of winning. This game begins with two (2) of the reels locked together. The number of interlocked reels increases in time. This feature sets it apart from other slots machine games.

Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin has been one of the most popular forms of alternative payment. The use of bitcoins in online gambling has made games like slots more fun and exciting. Transactions are fast without any delay. Player identities remain a secret as they enjoy the games and win great prizes.

Provably Fair

Bitcoin accepting casino games have built-in provably fair technology that makes sure that game results are random and not predetermined. The methods of checking vary to games. Players can go online and confirm game results if they find it suspicious.

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Win Big Prizes in Bitcoin Poker Games

Card games have been one the favorite pastimes since it was invented. The standard deck of 52 cards is used in the games. The card colors and symbols are not important in most of the games. Card games always required skills to win. The do not have to be that advanced; players must only be able to play smart with the cards they have in hand.


A wide selection of casino games is very generous in giving away prizes. Players would just have to pick what game to play to get things started. Casino card games follow the same rules as the normal card games. The big difference is that players would be playing against a dealer. Winning games would give players great rewards.

Bitcoin Payments

Casinos are now accepting bitcoin currency as payment. People could still pay in the traditional ways but this alternative makes it possible to complete a transaction in the shortest time possible. They could even do bitcoin related business even on weekends and holidays. Bitcoin business is open all the time. Many of the bitcoin users have access to any goods and services because there are so many online merchants who accept this type of payment.

Bitcoin Card Games

Bitcoin poker casino games are as fun and exciting as other bitcoin card games. Besides playing online against random number generator, players have the choice to play it with live dealers. Best Bitcoin Poker Room has more of the poker rules and basics. It also has a list of casinos where players could avail great bonuses. These bitcoin-accepting games use provably fair technology. It gives players the chance to confirm games results by going online. Methods of checking vary depending on the game. The goal is to make sure that game results are fair and reliable.

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