Whether you are playing in a Bitcoin casino, a Bitcoin poker room, a Bitcoin sportsbook, or on any other Bitcoin gambling platform, there is one point you should absolutely bear in mind: hitting the winning Bitcoin number is not a guarantee, but there are ways to increase your chances of doing so.

Of course, the primary way to win rewards is to ensure that you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of the Bitcoin games you play. For instance, it is a necessity to master the rules of roulette, slots, or even baccarat if you wish to collect large payouts in a Bitcoin casino. Therefore, knowing the rules, the winning strategies, and even the betting systems by heart will help you inch closer to the golden pot of bitcoins that await you.

While learning the basics is already a given, the online gambling community must definitely put to action whatever they learn from their peers or online guides. This means having an actual experience of betting bitcoins. The best example is playing poker with Bitcoin. With numerous winning poker hands, the tendency of bettors is to memorize them. To further concretize their knowledge of the game, being able to apply whatever they learned and yielding positive results will determine their potential to win several rounds in a poker room.

Moreover, catching the Bitcoin number that unlocks heaps of rewards will be relatively manageable once you have gained enough confidence, knowledge, and skills. However, even with these traits already up your sleeves, catching winnings may be elusive if the Bitcoin games you play are rigged.

Making sure that the Bitcoin gambling platform is free from malicious software is also imperative. Therefore, checking the reputation and credibility of the brand, together with the verification of the reliability of the games is essential. This is when provably fair gaming comes into the picture.

Provably fair games will certainly be instrumental in scoring the winning Bitcoin number without problem at all. With no chances of getting cheated, you are bound to receive the payouts that are rightfully yours.

For a rewarding time betting bitcoins online, keep in mind to master the basics, to practice the games, and to select the best Bitcoin casinos and provably fair games to hit at least one winning number for every session!

How to Get Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency Facts

Bitcoin has created a revolutionary mark on the currency scene as it pioneered the digital payment system. The technology possesses features like no other traditional currency, which makes Bitcoin payments, one-of-a-kind.


Bitcoin is a currency exclusively traded online; therefore, it does not have any intangible form as it only exists electronically. The payment system makes use of a peer-to-peer technology wherein bitcoins are directly exchanged from one user to another through the Bitcoin network making the transaction swift and secure. Additionally, Bitcoin makes use of open-source software, steering away from chances of central governments or financial institutions from controlling the digital currency.

Cryptocurrency Alternatives

Meanwhile, plenty of alternatives have already been created upon the advancement of cryptocurrency taking inspiration from Bitcoin, including brands like Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Namecoin. While it is true that these digital coins offer similar characteristics, they offer different specifications, making them distinct from one another.

The Digital Currency Edge

Creators of such alternative payment systems seek to craft new and innovative means to improve what they have seen as the weak points of traditional currencies. Mostly, the changes addressed highlight complete anonymity, cheap transactions, fast processing, and freedom of use.

Acquiring Cryptocurrency Credits

For those who wish to know how to get bitcoins or other cryptocurrency credits, there are numerous ways available. This includes purchasing credits in exchange for cash, accepting bitcoins or other digital coins as payment for services/products, mining, and more.


The thriving world of cryptocurrency payments also gives users the chance to employ their credits on various goods and services, online gambling, and even financial trading such as binary options.

Ultimately, cryptocurrency poses as a groundbreaking technology in the payment system arena due to the advantages it brings. Not only do these mediums give individuals another avenue towards deposit and withdrawals, it also allows them to complete transactions with unparalleled convenience. Dive into the world of bitcoins with peace of mind as you employ the unparalleled information presented by the number one source of information—Coins-Info.

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Popularity of sports betting in Bitcoin Casino UK platforms

Sports’ betting lets fans and sports aficionados of a team or player make wager for them to earn winnings. The excitement of seeing their bet inching closer to victory until they have won against their opponent is priceless and nothing short of thrilling. There are a majority of Bitcoin casino players who make wagers with their bitcoin wallet instead of their credit cards.

Sports betting are gaining more fame amongst Bitcoin casino UK players because of a number of reasons.

Online Sports betting with digital currency

If a player is able to strike it rich with their bets, it’ll take a long time for them to receive their money if they withdraw it to their credit cards. They might only be able to see it in five days or more. Should players have made their wager with bitcoins, they could easily get the money within an hour or less than a day. This is due to the absence of any middlemen when people transfer their bitcoins from their account to their wallet.

Betting on your favorite team

Sports’ betting isn’t just about picking a team or player who will win. It is about betting on the the crowd’s favorite or “underdog”. In a sporting event like a tournament or a match, a bookmaker chooses which side has a good chance of winning the game. This team is considered the favored one while the other is the underdog.

Players who bet on the favored team or player receive a lower payout since they have a higher chance of beating the other team. On the other hand, those who bet on the underdogs get a higher payout if they win. The excitement of a game becomes more intense when bettors put their bitcoins on the line.

The delight and excitement of betting on a player’s favorite team and convenience of getting their winnings quickly is the reason why many are looking for bitcoins sports betting sites. Players could find some of the best sites to make wagers on certain sportsbooks online, but if you’re looking for precise reviews and spot on details about your favorite Bitcoin Casino then Best Bitcoin Casinos in UK is a good site to kickstart your online betting journey.

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The Perfect Bitcoin Poker Experience

Bitcoin is the future of online poker. For years, online gamblers have been dealing with the uncertainties of payment processing, waiting weeks or months for withdrawals, costly payments, the vulnerability of personal information, and the dangers of having their funds seized. Bitcoin changes the game, making way for cryptocurrency’s instant and simple transactions while taking expensive fees and other hurdles out of the picture.


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized currency created by a pseudonymous individual(s) under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The concept was to provide a digital payment system that takes away the weaknesses of conventional currencies.

Thanks to Bitcoin, players can easily enjoy the sought-after card game without the hassle of financial and government restrictions. Bitcoin is a digital currency and is not under the same strict laws conventional currencies are surrounded with; hence, making it the perfect medium for online gambling activities such as poker.

Bettors may enjoy Bitcoin poker without worrying about laws governing its use. Plenty of gaming enthusiasts has transferred to using Bitcoin due to its advantages such as complete anonymity, quick transactions, cheap transaction fees, and fortified security measures. Bitcoin poker is best explored alongside the ultimate game guide—BestBitcoinPokerRoom.com.

Indulging in Quality Poker with Bitcoin

There are numerous factors to be considered when locating a premium Bitcoin gaming platform for your poker needs. Here are a number of tips that can easily lead you to unforgettable and rewarding poker experiences:

  • Select a site that has plenty of positive reviews. Conducting research should always be your first step when looking for a credible portal. Look for feedback from first-hand users to have an idea on how the site treats its players.
  • Go for a Bitcoin site that possesses an intuitive interface. This is best suited for first-time bettors and experienced players who want to game right away. This way, you can easily navigate through the different features presented by the site.
  • Look out for lucrative bonuses and promotions. It’s always better to kick-start your Bitcoin gaming endeavors with a bang, so consider one that presents incentive programs. However, you should always make sure that the bonuses and promotions are bounded by fair terms and conditions to maximize its potential.
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Bitcoin Keno—Next Level Online Gaming

Keno is one of online casino gaming’s cornerstone and has been popular since the late 90’s. Cryptocurrency betting on keno pledges to deliver a series of new advantages along with the classic experiences the wagering activity is known for.

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery type game usually played using numbered plastic balls and a tube. Players are provided a pool of cards to choose from, which contains eighty numbers each. Depending on the game provider, players can be asked to select anywhere between ten and fifty digits. Once they have selected a set of numbers, the game commences. The balls are pushed out through the tube randomly, and if the numbers on the balls correspond with the numbers chosen by the player, they win a certain amount. Prizes are determined by the operator and on how many matches players get.

Bitcoin Keno

Bitcoin keno is similar to this in that player are still provided a collection of numbers to choose from. Once players click the numbers they wish to add to their list, they can place a wager using their bitcoins. Random numbers are picked or the game with the help of an RNG (Random Number Generator). Once players get the numbers drawn, bitcoins are automatically added to their bankrolls and they may withdraw these whenever they want.

Just like traditional online keno, Bitcoin-powered keno games offer different payouts depending on the amount of numbers players get. Some may give a payout if a minimum of four numbers is matched while others may hand out prizes with just two.

Trouble-Free Online Keno

Ultimately, Bitcoin payments provides keno enthusiasts a practical and efficient way to enjoy the much-loved wagering activity. The digital currency made it possible to conduct anonymous, cheap, quick, and of course, legal online wagering. Thanks to online casino reviews provided by websites like BestBitcoinCasino.com, everyone is welcome to indulge in the beauty of keno from the comfort of their homes, without the usual frills of online gambling.

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Slot Machines: The Gambling Sensation

When you sit down and play a round of Bitcoin slots on your computer, you’re experiencing the fruits of over a hundred years of development. This can seem surprising considering that slot machines seem to be such a modern phenomenon. The truth is one of the first slot machines was first developed in the year 1891. Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York came up with a machine that featured five reels and 50 card faces on them. The player aimed to get at least a pair of kings each time the reels spun.

This prototype slot machine was a popular hit and bars in the New York area soon had a copy of the machine in pride of place. Unlike today’s slots, there was no direct payment for a win. Players were expected to show the bar owner the results and be awarded with in-bar rewards like a free drink or maybe a cigar. Furthermore, these slot games were decidedly unfair – owners could fix the reels so that the chances of a win would be much lower.

Automatic payouts did not start appearing until Charles Fey of San Francisco managed to simplify the system into something that can give players an instant jackpot. His Liberty Bell machine had three reels and only five symbols. The big jack pot was just 10 nickels, but this was a good start for slots, with the Liberty Bell becoming a best seller. By 1908, mechanical slot machines were a common sight in bars, saloons, and barber shops. Around this time, gambling was not the common goal of playing slots – the rewards were often candy or sweets since mechanical slots couldn’t handle really big jackpots.

The next big step that slot machines made was in 1963. This was when the first electromechanical slot machine was introduced. Known as “Money Honey,” this slot game was a dedicated gambling machine. It had a bottomless hopper to accept money and could payout 500 coins to anyone who wins the jackpot, with no need for an attendant. 1976 saw another milestone as a fully electronic slot machine came on the market with a bigger capacity.

Slot machines have now become an integral part of the gambling experience. Online versions of slots games are there to slake the thirst of the public wanting more slot machine action.

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