Whether you are playing in a Bitcoin casino, a Bitcoin poker room, a Bitcoin sportsbook, or on any other Bitcoin gambling platform, there is one point you should absolutely bear in mind: hitting the winning Bitcoin number is not a guarantee, but there are ways to increase your chances of doing so.

Of course, the primary way to win rewards is to ensure that you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of the Bitcoin games you play. For instance, it is a necessity to master the rules of roulette, slots, or even baccarat if you wish to collect large payouts in a Bitcoin casino. Therefore, knowing the rules, the winning strategies, and even the betting systems by heart will help you inch closer to the golden pot of bitcoins that await you.

While learning the basics is already a given, the online gambling community must definitely put to action whatever they learn from their peers or online guides. This means having an actual experience of betting bitcoins. The best example is playing poker with Bitcoin. With numerous winning poker hands, the tendency of bettors is to memorize them. To further concretize their knowledge of the game, being able to apply whatever they learned and yielding positive results will determine their potential to win several rounds in a poker room.

Moreover, catching the Bitcoin number that unlocks heaps of rewards will be relatively manageable once you have gained enough confidence, knowledge, and skills. However, even with these traits already up your sleeves, catching winnings may be elusive if the Bitcoin games you play are rigged.

Making sure that the Bitcoin gambling platform is free from malicious software is also imperative. Therefore, checking the reputation and credibility of the brand, together with the verification of the reliability of the games is essential. This is when provably fair gaming comes into the picture.

Provably fair games will certainly be instrumental in scoring the winning Bitcoin number without problem at all. With no chances of getting cheated, you are bound to receive the payouts that are rightfully yours.

For a rewarding time betting bitcoins online, keep in mind to master the basics, to practice the games, and to select the best Bitcoin casinos and provably fair games to hit at least one winning number for every session!

The Other Branches of Bitcoin ‘Gambling’

Hey there readers! It’s me again, Bitcoin-man!~

As you can see, I definitely love the world of cryptocurrency. I got hooked when one of my friends introduced me to this innovative payment method. At first, I was hesitant to engage myself with this so-called cryptocurrency. But in the end, I learned to love Bitcoin and Bitcoin gambling played a huge part on it.

I’ll assume that at first, whenever you hear Bitcoin gambling, the common slot machines, roulette, games, poker, and blackjack are the gambling games that come into your mind. Well, to be honest, I am among those who make this mistake during my neophyte years in the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, since I spent most of my time surfing about anything related to Bitcoin, I knew that Bitcoin gambling isn’t all about these common land-based casino games.

Let me give you an example.

eSports such as DOTA, Call of Duty, and even Minecraft are now engaging into the world of cryptocurrency. If ever you stumble upon serves that accept Bitcoin transactions, you are now in the face of Bitcoin eSports.

Just like the common bet-on-games method, you earn Bitcoin on eSports through placing Bitcoin bets on your favored eSports team. It is that simple.

Next, we have Bitcoin forex trading.

This may be a little complicated since Bitcoin forex deals with real-life statistics that are based on the indices posted on Wall Street. Therefore, in order to maximize the profiting measures of this Bitcoin gambling department, you must be proficient with the business side of things.

Lastly, we have Bitcoin prediction market.

This is one of my top favorites and this particular department goes wild whenever there are intensified events like the elections, Oscar awards, and other world-wide anticipated events.

Here, you get to earn tons of Bitcoin if you have placed the right bet on the winning choice. In other words, you must place a correct bet on who or what has the higher chance of winning.


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Easy, Secure, and Safe Bitcoin Gambling at LimoPlay

Bitcoin gambling has taken the world of online casinos to new heights. With so many advantages to casinos that use bitcoin, there’s no reason to wonder why many online casinos now offer bitcoin as an option.

Advantages to bitcoin gambling

First of all, what is bitcoin? Basically, it’s a digital cryptocurrency that allows any two people to instantly do business transactions. As such, it’s got quite a few features that regular currencies don’t have, which make it ideal for online casinos.

First, it’s anonymous. Online gambling is a sensitive pastime, and many people would rather not have their details, or even the fact that they play these games, out in the open. Of course, indulging in the occasional casino game is nothing to be ashamed of, but many people understandably would rather not have that sort of information out in the open.

As a corollary of being anonymous, using bitcoin is also one of the safest and most secure ways to do business online. Since your information won’t be available, you don’t have to be afraid of your personal details like credit card or debit card numbers being stolen.

For online casinos, this advantage to bitcoin is very important. There’s no central authority like a government or bank that controls bitcoin, so you can play regardless of border restrictions. So even if you’re currently in a country that doesn’t allow online casinos, you can still play your favorite games through the use of bitcoin.

If you want to try bitcoin casinos, check out LimoPlay’s bitcoin games

Interested? Why not try your hand at bitcoin gambling with LimoPlay? At LimoPlay, all games are available for bitcoin gamblers since they accept bitcoin deposits. There’s no need to look for a game which specifically accepts bitcoin deposits. Whether you’re into roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or online slots, you can play them all.

Transactions are instantaneous too, meaning you have more time to go back to your games. Withdrawals and deposits take up so little time, and the verification process takes up even less.

Enjoy the LimoPlay brand of luxury and prestige with its bitcoin games. Simply go to their website and pick your favorite! It’s easy, secure, and safe.


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Strategies and Techniques for Binary Trading

Binary options trading with bitcoins can be a very enjoyable activity. The mere fact that it offers profit-yielding opportunities alongside straightforward methods is two key elements that draw further interest.

There are two core components that can bring investors towards revenue. First are the methods for selecting options—either to place call or put options. The second is deciding how much bitcoins should be invested per trade. For beginners, take the time to decide which option, expiry date, and underlying asset works well with your preferences. Always look for channels to modify and improve your decisions as you dig deeper into the world of binary options and Bitcoin.

Here are a few tips that can aid the success of forecasts:

Trading on news

Possibly one of the simplest yet effective strategies applicable for both beginner and experienced traders is trading based on news. This skill requires no special knowledge or skills as you solely rely on financial news releases including unemployment statistics, interest rates, or annual reports of companies. Discover what key numbers are expected by the market, the ideal ranges, and flawed ranges.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis selects investment based on current market trends and tendencies. Traders who employ this method assure that all affecting elements analysts consider are already priced into the market. However, the value of the asset may surge upward or fall based on market mechanisms. This features market activity statistics such as inspecting past prices, trade volume, and any active cycles present.

Fundamental analysis

This method involves research where investigation is conducted. By understanding the real underlying value of a given asset to formulate an opinion whether it is over or undervalued. In the case of stocks, commodities, indices, and currency, this means executing thorough dissection of the socioeconomic factors that affect the price movements.

Moreover, in trading binary options, if you believe the asset is overvalued, put options are placed. Otherwise, if you predict that the value of an asset will rise, call options can be made. This is the beauty of binary options and Bitcoin; investors are given the chance to yield earnings regardless of the market’s condition together with the power of a decentralized payment system.

Selecting a method

Deciding on a method to perform can be overwhelming knowing that there are various avenues that can improve your contingency for earnings. Nevertheless, the best traders mix and match the aforementioned techniques in order to gain the best all three. Keep in mind that binary options trades can range from short-term to long-term investments, which is why ever trader should be aware of the best possible methods for their style of investing.

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Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites: What to Look For

Many people think that a bet made at one sports betting site is no different from another made at a different site. The truth is that not all sports betting sites are made equal. Furthermore, what may be good for you may not be so great for another person. You’ll want to find the ideal betting site for you and it can be difficult with the many sites out there.

The easiest way to make your selection is to compare a review of a Bitcoin sports betting site with that of another. Most review sites have a comprehensive overview of what a site can offer ranging from the various sporting events that you can bet on to what odds they offer. Be wary of recommendations from reviewers though. Unless you know the reviewer’s tastes match yours, take all of their advice with a grain of salt.

If you want to get more hands-on, you can take a look at the site yourself and list down the things that you see. There are three things that you should look out for. First, there are the sports that you can bet on. It would be pointless to join a betting site that doesn’t offer football, when that’s precisely the thing you like to bet on. Don’t just look at what you want, consider the other sports, too. You may want make small bets on other sports while waiting for a big game.

The two other things to look at are whether the site offers good value and what the deposit and withdrawal options are. Being good in value means that the site offers good odds. It would be counterproductive to win, yet not get a good pay out. You want to get your money’s worth and that means taking a look at the odds betting sites offer. Adding and withdrawing to and from your bankroll is important, too. Some sites are Bitcoin only, while other have a mix of fiat and cryptocurrencies available.

Make your choice after evaluating all the factors to ensure that you come out ahead.

get started with online betting here

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Recognizing the Edge of Bitcoin Sports Betting

Many players that frequent iGaming platforms enjoy the well-known casino activities such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Dice, Slots, and other popular games. On the other hand, there is also a large following for sports betting and bitcoins. This is a corner of the market that continues to flourish as more individuals discover the advantages of cryptocurrency platforms over traditional operators.

Learning how to place sports bet is one of the major hurdles online bettors face. Thankfully, with the power of Bitcoin payments and sportsbooks, betting has never been easier. Cryptocurrencies run under a decentralized network meaning it embodies capabilities that no fiat currency can execute. Here are some of the benefits delivered by the digital payment system:

  • The essence of Bitcoin is to assemble a payment system that sets itself apart from the norms of traditional currencies. With the aid of a decentralized system, various characteristics have been created, which in return gives the technology applications that are unique in nature. The decentralized system means that no government or regulatory body is in control of anyone’s funds, giving Bitcoin users full ownership of their digital coins.
  • Since the system operates outside the borders of any gambling regulations and restrictions, a larger spectrum of players can easily indulge in the wonders of Bitcoin sports betting and other online gaming activities. Gone are the days where restrictions yield the fun of iGaming. Through Bitcoin, everyone can enjoy their favorite activities with just a few clicks.
  • Bitcoin payments require only essential information to complete transactions. This involves the user’s wallet address and the amount of bitcoins to be sent. No more, no less. Not only does this shorten takes to send and receive payments, but also take away the risk of fraud and other schemes that make use of someone’s personal information.
  • Another assignment of cryptocurrency payments is to remove the need for third-party systems during processing. This eliminates any unnecessary costs, which gives users full potential of their bitcoins. As such, bettors are given more winning opportunities in the long run.
  • Peer-to peer methods make transferring funds faster than any other method due to the fact that no third-party system has to be present. This means that in a matter of minutes, any user from any part of the world can receive bitcoins.

Clearly, cryptocurrencies makes it easy for anyone to settle in the world of Bitcoin sports betting and Bitcoin gambling. The groundbreaking currency clearly redefines the meaning of efficiency and effectiveness through its matchless applications.


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