The Other Branches of Bitcoin ‘Gambling’

Hey there readers! It’s me again, Bitcoin-man!~

As you can see, I definitely love the world of cryptocurrency. I got hooked when one of my friends introduced me to this innovative payment method. At first, I was hesitant to engage myself with this so-called cryptocurrency. But in the end, I learned to love Bitcoin and Bitcoin gambling played a huge part on it.

I’ll assume that at first, whenever you hear Bitcoin gambling, the common slot machines, roulette, games, poker, and blackjack are the gambling games that come into your mind. Well, to be honest, I am among those who make this mistake during my neophyte years in the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, since I spent most of my time surfing about anything related to Bitcoin, I knew that Bitcoin gambling isn’t all about these common land-based casino games.

Let me give you an example.

eSports such as DOTA, Call of Duty, and even Minecraft are now engaging into the world of cryptocurrency. If ever you stumble upon serves that accept Bitcoin transactions, you are now in the face of Bitcoin eSports.

Just like the common bet-on-games method, you earn Bitcoin on eSports through placing Bitcoin bets on your favored eSports team. It is that simple.

Next, we have Bitcoin forex trading.

This may be a little complicated since Bitcoin forex deals with real-life statistics that are based on the indices posted on Wall Street. Therefore, in order to maximize the profiting measures of this Bitcoin gambling department, you must be proficient with the business side of things.

Lastly, we have Bitcoin prediction market.

This is one of my top favorites and this particular department goes wild whenever there are intensified events like the elections, Oscar awards, and other world-wide anticipated events.

Here, you get to earn tons of Bitcoin if you have placed the right bet on the winning choice. In other words, you must place a correct bet on who or what has the higher chance of winning.


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