The Basics Of Bitcoin Lottery

Playing lottery with bitcoins is as straightforward as any traditional lottery games. The principles remain the same as the well-known game wherein you choose a desired set of numbers, purchase the ticket, and wait for the drawing to commence. Typically, after these steps, you are mostly reliant on luck and luck alone. However, take note that these steps may vary from one platform to another as other brands may impose another set of rules.

But basically, the rules of lottery remain the same throughout the various brands that carry the game.

Here are some of the steps that are usually present on Bitcoin lottery sites:

  • Select six numbers between 1 and 48. You may employ a random generator to choose a set of numbers as well of you prefer it that way. Moreover, there are cases that the selection can also be a variety of colors rather than numbers
  • Choose the number of lines. Each slip offers seven lines of numbers, and you can acquire up to ten slips at one time.
  • Select the draws and decide for how many days or weeks you wish to play the draws. You may go up to eight weeks in advance.

Lotto raffle draws occur on the same day you purchase a ticket. If you play a line of number or colors for certain duration, the same raffle number will work for the draws.

Moreover, the goal is to match the six main numbers or colors to win. Once you meet this criterion, you hit the jackpot. There are also instances where consolation prizes are given to winners who hit four or five out of the six drawn numbers.

Make sure you consider the different features of Bitcoin lottery bonus to further hedge your chances of winning by using the rewards to purchase more tickets.

Furthermore, the charm of Bitcoin lottery lies on the varieties of games it offers. Always make it a point to explore the different avenues and opportunities in order to find one that suits your playing style best. All in all, Bitcoin lottery is one that every bettor can enjoy regardless of the type.

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