Winning Blackjack Games with Bitcoins is Fun, Fast and Easy!

Blackjack is one of the classic casino card games that players from all over the world enjoy. It originated in 1600s from a French card game “vingt en un”. The game literally means “twenty-one”. The goal of the game was to reach a hand with cards that have a total value of 21. The term of blackjack came from one of the concept of the original game. A player wins the game if the first two cards drawn are a jack of spades and an ace of spades.  Since the first card drawn is a jack with a black spade symbol, the game was later known to be as blackjack.

The game has made its way to other parts of the world. Both gamblers and casual players enjoy how the game runs and it was later included as one of the main games at almost every casino. Many merchants, retailers, and even online casinos, accept Bitcoin as a currency. Everybody can play bitcoin blackjack through Best Bitcoin Blackjack. It gives access to all regular players and new comers to different online casinos that offers the game, accepts bitcoins and gives away generous bonuses.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack uses a standard 52-card gaming deck.  It gives unique value to each of the cards. Colors and symbols are not important. The cards with numbers 2-10 are worth their original value. The cards with faces such as, kings, queens, and jacks have a value of 10. Ace cards both serves as numbers 1 or 11. A player wins if the cards in his hands have a value of or at least close to 21.


The rules for this card game are very easy to follow. Even if a player thinks that he has mastered the game, there is no guarantee that it would always be a sure win. It is a game of skills. Practicing the game and having strategies increases the chances of winning. Online casinos usually have free play option that helps in getting familiar with the game and develop effective strategies.

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